Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin', Plannin' and dreamin'...

I know I haven't posted a new project in a long while, and if you read carefully you will notice that I have been having an emotionally shitty year, but now I think I am finally able to turn things and time back into my favour. No more poopy times for me anymore - no way Jose! 

I know this because I feel actually quite excited to sew again and have been carefully squeezing time to do wee little sewing jobs here are there in between regular life stuff. (The ironing pile is even looking less daunting) Sadly, my winter sewing plans (as blogged here) kind of went out the window so I didn't get around to them, and McCall's 8939 is still sitting on the chair half done, but don't worry I won't let them become UFO's!

So what have I been sewing?  

First is this colourful floral shirt made from a mystery crepe that I picked up from Fabric-a-Brac. I really wanted to make this with long sleeves but there wasn't enough fabric. I think paired with a high waist skirt or jeans or under a cute pinny, this top should look rather nice. I used Simplicity 8399 for this shirt, and as an added bonus, I didn't screw up the collar!

Also made in the past few weeks, this luscious green linen skirt. Look at that lovely green! This, for the record is my favourite colour. The grassy colour is so fresh and if I can get anything in This colour I'll buy it (see, my custom made shoes)

For this skirt I used Style 2405The linen was bought on a trip to Spotlight. I really must get there more often because the stuff they have is wonderful, lots of basics, prints and cute cute cute things. I have been shopping at the local Lincraft so long I forgot big name craft stores aren't all dens of doom only stocking drill cotton, children's flannelette and weird animal print chiffon

Now, the good thing about getting my sew-jo back (that's sewing mojo for all of you who aren't as corny as I) is that I am actually getting excited about planning!!! Considering I've bought a whole bunch of new patterns and fabric recently, it was about time that I did get my sewjo back. And because it's the middle of winter, there is only a few months until warm weather returns and I can finally wear dresses without tights again. And lovely skirts without a big clunky coat hiding their glory

So if my current momentum holds I'm hoping to tackle the following...

This striped cotton in either Butterick 2712 or McCall’s 2078. I am leaning a little more towards the Butterick one, but I wonder if stripes will suit the pattern? I would totally make the 3/4 sleeve version, but as I haven't made anything with stripes I think ever, I am worried I might not suit it. The cotton is by Repro Depot bought from Spotlight 

The looser of that battle may be saved for this reddish floral fabric, but I am also thinking this could look cute in Simplicity 9861. What do you think will suit better? 

It terms of pairing things that I am confident with, we have Simplicity 6926 in this yellow ditzy print from Lincraft and McCall's 3803 in a black Repro Depot print with teeny dots and flowers. I think my decisions for these dresses is made all that easier by the fact that I'll basically be replicating the design on the envelope! 

I am planning to save the yellow one for the Spoolettes Sewing day in August. I should be able to whip that up in a few hours I reckon. As long as I don't get distracted with chatting, eating sweets and helping others!

Oh and I almost forgot, I am also about to embark on a custom order for a friend of mine. She had asked a really long time ago for me to make her a cape, and we chose a Burdastyle pattern which ended up being a dud so we instead chose this McCall's 2118 and a nice black textured wool to make it in. My friend is quite short and petite so it's taken a few goes to get the fit just right, but I will totally show you the results when it's done

So yes, things are looking much brighter here at Sewingthe60s HQ, and hopefully I can get back behind that lovely machine of mine more often because I really miss her! 

Have you started making your summer sewing plans? Or perhaps Autumn/winter plans?

Cat xo 


  1. These patterns are gorgeous and I liked seeing all the fabrics that you have picked. They are going to be marvellous outfits. View B on the Butterick 2172 is just lovely.

  2. Hi, dear Catherine! I'm happy to know you're getting your sew-jo back. Nothing helps you bounce back from the doldrums like jumping into a favorite creative activity. When you're deep in winter, start thinking summer. That short sleeve floral shirt is absolutely gorgeous and will be all ready for you when the warm weather sets in. Green has always been my favorite colour and I love that grassy shade used in your skirt. Surely you must have deep down feelings of satisfaction and pride at having produced such lovely articles of clothing.

    As I mentioned in my reply to your comment on my blog, my 6th blog anniversary post is coming up Sunday at which time I will be taking a much needed 3 week vacation from blogging. Therefore, I will not be available to read or comment on your posts during that period. I look forward to reconnecting with you and resuming this wonderful intercontinental friendship of ours when I return next month. Until then please take good care of yourself, Cat!

  3. I love that you've found the identical fabric to the pretty Simplicity sun dress! Your completed makes are just lovely, especially that green skirt and I'm excited about your projects, too.
    I'm at IndieTracks next weekend, a festival of indie music and steam trains. I found some vintage Thomas the Tank Engine curtains in a charity shop this morning and I'm contemplating whether to make myself a maxi dress or to knock up a couple of things to sell. xxx

  4. I'm so glad you're starting to feel better again! I really love the colour of the green skirt, I'm usually all about red and orange but I've really been into green lately and that really is a lovely shade. I do love your blouse also with the little orange flowers, I think it'd go quite nicely with the green skirt? Your projects all look great, you have a real knack for finding perfect fabrics!

  5. Love all your plans. Not sure about the shirt dresses - at least both have versions in stripes! I'd do the yellow stripe in a shorter sleeve as it's a bit more summery..... Glad you're on the up and up, and love the green skirt , one of my fave summer makes is a green skirt...

  6. Cool projects! The McCall's 3803 would look fab in the black fabric! I made up a toile at the weekend and it didn't fit, which made me realise how many holes I have in my knowledge when it comes to pattern alteration! Is there any chance you could do a tutorial about getting the right fit? Altering the angle of bust darts for example (thinking selfishly here, hehe)?

  7. Glad to hear you've got your sewing mojo back, I'm looking forward to seeing all of your makes!

  8. Very excited about your new plans, plus I love the green skirt and the blouse. Then again, I love all of your makes.
    Yay for more sewing! Never commented before, but I really really like your blog. All the best for the rest of the year... uphill is the way to go!
    Greetings from Germany, frifris

  9. Aw I'm sorry you've been having a crummy year, but im glad you're back at sewing because you're AMAZING at it! That green skirt is just a plain stunner- i love the shape of it!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  10. Makes me so happy to see the pretty things you have been making! I'm glad you are inspired and sewing up a storm again! I love the blouse and skirt (I'm also very very fond of that green) I can just see these pieces seamlessly becoming part of your fabulous wardrobe!! You have such a great and clearly defined sense of style :)
    So many wonderful fabrics. I especially dig the yellow stripe with the dasises (love how spotlight does those repo prints) I think it would be so cute made up using Butterick 2712 :)

  11. I just discovered your site, and I love it! I just started sewing from vintage patterns again, and your site is a great source of inspiration!


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